Famous Slums in India

Famous Slums in India

List of Popular Slums Areas of India

In the clean and green cities of India, one can additionally uncover those dim back roads, shabby and little ranges that homes a million individuals – the slums. The number of slum tenants is on the ascent because of the rising population. While slums fail to offer the essential necessities like clean water, power and sanitation, its tenants are for the most part the work classes who buckle down however win low.

Following is the list of famous and most visited slums in India

Dharavi Slum, Mumbai

Dharavi Slum

Dharavi Slum, Source-: flickr,marcus

Dharavi located in Mumbai is spread over 557 acres of land and houses in the vicinity of three lakh individuals. It is a city inside a city with its unending extends of thin filthy paths, open sewers and confined hovels. A review of Dharavi shows declining norms in fundamental foundation for example sanitation and health care.

Bhalswa Slum, Delhi

Bhalswa Slum

Bhalswa Slum, Source-: flickr,sistak

The Bhalswa slum tenants hail from different parts of Delhi. It has a populace of something like twenty two thousand. The slum likewise has one of the biggest child workers.

Nochikuppam Slum, Chennai

Nochikuppam Slum

Nochikuppam Slum, Source-:flickr,deactive

Nochikuppam slum located in chennai city of Tamil Nadu has the vicinity of 1,300 hovels. It is home to around five thousand individuals who live underneath poverty line. The individuals here battle to even have two suppers a day.

Rajendra Nagar Slum, Bangalore

Rajendra Nagar Slum

Rajendra Nagar Slum, Source-:flickr,soul

Bangalore alone holds 570 slums from what added up to around 2000 slums in the State. It is evaluated that something like 20 percent of Bangalore populace dwell in slums. The families living in the slums decline to move into the makeshift safe houses as they find it dangerous to live under a flyover.

Basanti Slum, Kolkata

Basanti Slum

Basanti Slum, Source-: flickr,hexe

The city of delight, Kolkata has a slum territory reputed to be Basanti slum. It is one of the major slum ranges. One third of Kolkata’s populace live in these slums.

Indiramma Nagar, Hyderabad

Indiramma Nagar slum

Indiramma Nagar slum, Source-:flickr,patrick

Hyderabad is the City of Nizam has about lakhs of individuals living in slums. There is a little area accessible to suit all the individuals in these slums.

Mehbullahpur Slum, Lucknow

Mehbullahpur Slum

Mehbullahpur Slum, Source-:flickr,aoun

Lucknow, the City of Nawabs has a populace that includes large numbers of poor people, large portions of who live in slums. Numerous individuals relocate from the closest locale for every day compensation. Individuals, henceforth, illegally occupy land and make their own particular shelter, living in the terrible living conditions. The populace in these regions builds at a quicker rate than contrasted with the urban populace overall.

Saroj Nagar Slum, Nagpur

Saroj Nagar Slum

Saroj Nagar Slum, Source-: flickr,nagpurtoday

Nagpur, the Orange City has numerous slums ranges and Sarojnagar is one around those large groups. More or less 40 percent of the populace in Nagpur is said to live in slums. These slums are home to around the range of a lakh individuals and cover around the range of 1,600 hectares of prime area. It makes for one of the biggest slum zones in Maharashtra.

Parivartan Slum, Ahmedabad

Parivartan Slum classroom

Parivartan Slum classroom

Ahmedabad is home to an extensive populace of the destitute. The waterway side slums in Ahmadabad are something like 40 years of age.

Satnami Nagar Slum, Bhopal

Satnami Nagar Slum

Satnami Nagar Slum,Source-:flickr,otto

Bhopal is the City of Lakes that has numerous slum zones and Satnami Nagar is one of the oldest slums in Bhopal. These slums in Bhopal are the means of shelter to large groups.

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