Dwarkadheesh Temple Dwarka – Dwarkadheesh Temple Travel Information

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Dwarkadheesh Temple Dwarka – Dwarkadheesh Temple Travel Information

The Dwarkadheesh is the world famous ancient temple located in the holy town of Dwarka, Gujarat. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and was build by Vajranabhji, the great grandson of Krishna. Every day the pooja is conducted by Aboti Brahmins and the abhishek is done in the temple as the idol of the Lord is adorned with new clothes, jewelry and flowers. Janmashtami is the major festival that is celebrated at the Temple. The entire temple is decked with lights at the time of festivals.

Dwarkadheesh Temple

Dwarkadheesh Temple, Source-:Flickr, Amit Rawat

The five-storied temple stands on 60 pillars. These pillars are made up of sandstone and granite. The temple has rich carvings; the central altar at the temple embraces the idol of Dwarkadheesh the Lord Krishna’s incarnation of Lord Vishnu known as Trivikrama. The deity is made of shiny black stone and is about 2.25 ft in height. The four hands of the Lord carry a conch, wheel, a metallic weapon and a lotus each and is popularly known as Shankh Chakra Gada Padma Chaturbhuj. The temple also comprises of a hall of audience comprising of ancient and existing sculptures. The temple can be entered by two doorways the northern doorway known as the Moksha Dwaar and the southern doorway is called Swarg Dwaar. The Dwarkadheesh temple admires Lord Krishna and draws thousands of pilgrims from different parts of the country every year.

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